Are Handymen Licensed

Most homeowners prefer to hire contractors because they’re duly licensed and insured, as mandated by the state. How about the handymen? Are they supposed to be licensed too? If so, how do they go about it? 


The licensing for handymen varies from state to state. Some states require it while others don’t. It is best that you ask the local government office that handles tradesmen licenses to know more about it. In most cases, a business license is necessary for anybody who is opening up a service-related company, no matter what its nature is.  

Handyman Licensing Facts 

A good example as to how diverse handyman licensing can be is when the requirements of two different states, particularly Arizona and Florida, are compared side by side. In Arizona, handymen are considered as contractors and they need to obtain a license if they intend to handle home improvement tasks like landscaping, remodeling, and waterworks installation. 

However, things are different in Florida. In Florida, no licensing requirements for handymen exist. Handymen are free to provide services to residential and commercial property owners armed only with their tools, skills, experience, and reputation. However, if they intend to start a handyman company, that’s when they need the proper business license to get started. 

How to Hire a Handyman 

Regardless of where you’re located and what type of job you want to get done, the process of hiring a handyman is the same as hiring any other service provider. You have to be very sure of their credentials, qualifications, and experience. Here are some questions to ask to help you choose the right service provider: 

  1. Is the handyman affiliated with some reputable associations or organizations?

The affiliations of the handyman can vouch for his or her reputation. This is a good place to start if you don’t know anything about the service provider and there are little reviews found on him online. If the handyman himself or his business is associated with a reputable organization like a local handyman association or BBB, then you are in a better position to decide whether or not they’re a good choice for you.  

  1. What training did the handyman receive? 

Training is very important when it comes to handyman work. Because they’re referred to as the jack of all trades, it’s necessary that you see what training they have received to ensure you that they’ll do a good job in your home. This is applicable for complicated home repair tasks.  

  1. Does the handyman have adequate experience?

Be very particular when asking about the handyman’s experience. Since handymen are doing a lot of tasks, ask how long he has been doing that particular job that you want him to do. For all you know, he is a handyman for 10 years but it is the first time that he’ll be doing electrical repairs.  

These are some tips that will lead you to the best handymen Brandon has ever produced. It pays to know all about these things because they will make sure that you’re right on track with that home improvement task. You’re also well positioned to get the results that you want.